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 With so much information online about how to take care of our health, it can feel overwhelming to know what tools to use to make the biggest difference. I'm here for you today. I hope my story helps you!

My Story

About 14 years ago, as a new mom, I had a major health crisis that left me needing to relearn many things I always took for granted. The intense exhaustion and frustration I experienced was palpable and my family struggled along with me. 

I had already begun exploring yoga and Qi Gong as natural ways to regain strength, balance and peace of mind and discovering the self-compassion I needed to get through the life challenges.

Then I found dōTERRA and several essential oils and supplements that helped me and my family with our stress and anxious feelings. There was hope. Over time, we learned how to use dōTERRA oils and lifestyle products to improve the health of our whole family! Replacing toxic household cleaning products and bodycare with safer, healthier equivalents was easier than I thought! I even learned to make my own home care products with my favourite essential oils and ingredients in the kitchen! I've found oils to be incredibly powerful and supportive in all areas of my life. And I love to combine essential oils with mindfulness practice: such a synergistic combination! 

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With dōTERRA's pure essential oils, we can experience greater health and wellness than ever before... all while making a major positive difference in the world.

Learn how to use dōTERRA essential oils to live well and feel better faster.


Share natural solutions with those you care about so they can live well also.


Join with us to share hope and make this world a better place together.

Be Part of Something Bigger

I found that dōTERRA essential oils were so helpful and effective for me and my family, that I couldn't help but share them with others. 
As a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate for 10 years, using the purest oils on the planet, I have helped hundreds of families with their health goals too. Sharing my knowledge with others is a privilege and a joy to me!

When you learn about ALL dōTERRA has to offer - including an incredible compensation plan and top of the line supplements - I think you will be as excited as I was. It was the best decision I ever made.