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How Does Motivate Help with Increased Energy?
"Are you frustrated at work? Have setbacks in spite of your best efforts shaken your confidence? Or has misplaced trust left you cynical more often than your best self should be? Then stop, reset, and restart with doTERRA Motivate Encouraging Blend of mint and citrus essential oils. doTERRA Motivate will help you unleash your creative powers and find the courage that comes from believing in yourself again. Go ahead and raise the bar–you can do it!"

Ways to Use Motivate for Increased Energy
  • Apply 2 drops to the bottom of feet in the morning to jump-start your day.
  • Diffuse when working on a project at work or school to stay motivated.
  • Apple 1 drop of Motivate to pulse points before participating in sporting events or other competitions.

Need a Lift? 

"This oil has a combination of citrus and mint oils. These are my favorite oils for feeling uplifted and energized."


How Does Peppermint Help with Increased Energy?
Peppermint contains menthol which alleviates fatigue. It's used to uplift spirits, improve focus and eliminate brain fog.

Ways to Use Peppermint for Increased Energy
  • Diffuse Peppermint oil in the room to improve concentration and accuracy.
  • Apply to the back of the neck and shoulders repeatedly to keep energy levels up during the day.
  • Inhale before and during a workout to help boost your mood and reduce fatigue.

Getting Through the Day 

"I love to drink peppermint in my water to help me feel an increased energy throughout the day. It also helps me get through a workout."


How Does Arise Help with Increased Energy?
The oils in Arise blend were chosen carefully in order to create a blend with a beautiful aroma and powerful biological effects. Lemon, Grapefruit, Siberian Fir, Osmanthus, Melissa and fractionated coconut oil give it it's power. The aromas of this blend support your stability as well as your freedom, endurance for your body and courage and happiness in your heart.

Ways to Use Arise for Increased Energy
  • Apply 1-2 drops to temples, wrists and neck to promote feelings of happiness.
  • Diffuse Arise when you're challenging yourself to achieve the next level.
  • Add 2-3 drops of Arise to your favorite carrier oil and rub on chest.

Best Yoga Blend 

"I love using this blend when I do my morning yoga and meditation routine. It helps to relieve stress and get me focused and energized for my day." 

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